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The special connector for hard-to-reach rivet points

The UniversalGrip blind rivet is the perfect solution for applications where there is very little space for the processing tool due to the design. Our innovative blind rivet with extended Mandrel offers the optimum solution for challenges such as interfering edges and deep recesses. The UniversalGrip blind rivet combines the proven

Advantages of the PolyGrip® rivet with an extended Mandrel. This enables reliable fastening in areas that are difficult to access for conventional blind rivets. The UniversalGrip is designed to fulfil the requirements of a wide range of applications and therefore offers a versatile solution for various assembly situations.

Advantages at a glance

  • Long Mandrel enables the use of extended Nosepieces
  • Large clamping range - one dimension can replace up to five standard dimensions
  • Economical - can be used with standard device and extended standard mouthpiece
  • Standardisation - even for small annual requirements


Problem solving with the UniversalGrip

Space-saving and efficient

Rivets with a standard mandrel length often cannot be set in deep rivet holes because the setting tool cannot access them. A long Mandrel - together with an extended Nosepiece - can provide a remedy.
Extended Nosepieces enable precise handling even in the tightest of spaces. The UniversalGrip blind rivet is specially designed for such applications and ensures that installation can be carried out effortlessly despite limited space.



An outstanding feature of the UniversalGrip is its compatibility with all our special length Nosepieces. This versatility makes the UniversalGrip an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering or other industries, the UniversalGrip blind rivet offers the flexibility you need.

Extended Nosepieces Battery riveters:


Comparison of Standard and UniversalGrip

Standard connectors are suitable for use with our standard and V-shaped Nosepieces. The UniversalGrip can also be used with all special-length Nosepieces.

The UniversalGrip blind rivet is available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel.



All GESIPA® products are ideally matched to each other, so that the best connections can be created. With the GESIPA® system, you are on the safe side - from consultation to series production.

The rivets in the UniversalGrip series can be processed with all standard riveting tools that are adapted to the rivet size.

Manual riveting tools

Battery powered riveting tools

Pneumatic hydraulic riveting tools