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Switching Cabinet


Switching CabinetThe MultiSwitch switching cabinet system closes the gap between counting devices and process control: the device enables monitoring of the minimum setting force and the number of connectors set. This system can be realised with any pneumatic hydraulic GESIPA setting tool. It is irrelevant

whether blind rivets, blind rivet nuts or a combination of various connectors are being processed here. Up to three tools can be operated with the MultiSwitch. These tools can also be used repeatedly during a process cycle. Naturally, customer-specific software adaptations are possible.

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The system is made possible thanks to an oil pressure sensor on the relevant tool, on the mounting of which an additional device mounting can be attached. As a result, reliable monitoring of the connector to be processed and the minimum setting force is guaranteed. All pneumatic hydraulic GESIPA® tools can be equipped with this oil pressure sensor GESIPA® tools can be ordered ex works with one of these oil pressure sensors, and we are happy to retrofit existing GESIPA® tools with a sensor of this kind.

If the hydraulic pressure stays within a previously defined window of values, the process is classified accordingly as "OK", otherwise as "not OK". This is shown by green and red indicator lights. In addition, an adjustable acoustic signal can indicate that the set number of connectors has been reached or that the entire component has been completed.

It is possible to distinguish between the various tools with colour labelling or numbering. This colour labelling is also reflected in the representation of the display. This means that it is possible to clearly assign the tool currently active to the display.

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