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Point of sale

The GESIPA® Profi-Center

As a retailer with your own shop floor, you can't refute the benefit of having attractive solutions at your disposal for displaying products from big-name manufacturers. In the Profi-Center, GESIPA® has created its very own sales aid that saves space and allows products on display to be

arranged incredibly clearly. Whether you are offering DIY supplies, blind rivet technology or blind rivet nut technology products for sale, you can showcase the whole range of tools, setting tools and joining elements in style on this display.


The Profi-Center is a practical rotating display stand with three sides that you can use to display products in your specialist store. Since the Profi-Center can be rotated, the GESIPA® range can be presented within 1.2 square meters of space. In fact, you only need to have 1.2 square metres of space available at the point of sale. The high-quality castors and overall stability of the design allow you to move the unit around with ease. On top of the excellent margin and the fact that the display stand is provided free of charge, the Profi-Center has a premium, professional look about it that makes it stand out on the shop floor. It is the perfect place to present all of GESIPA®'s fast-moving items clearly. Just wait to see everything fly off the shelves! We promise that you and your customers are going to be impressed by the Profi-Center from the experts in riveting technologies.

Sales wall

Would you like to start selling GESIPA® products in your store in future? The GESIPA® sales wall attracts the highest level of attention in specialist stores, putting our range of rivet technology products in the spotlight. Worried that you don't quite have enough space on your shop floor for a GESIPA® sales wall? Never fearour rotating Profi-Center is a space-saving solution that looks professional and still allows you to display products perfectly even when space is tight. 

We are happy to help

If you are interested in finding out more about our point of sale solutions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales representatives to discuss further details. You can get pricing information and further details about displaying our products in your store from us upon request. Whether you are after a Profi-Center, sales wall or one of our other retail solutions, we will be delighted to offer you some advice and answer any questions you may have.

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