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Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ's you will find the appropriate answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive every day. If you do not find what you are looking for in the selection or have a question on another topic, please feel free to contact us personally. 

Feel free to contact us by phone via
+49 (0) 6105 962 0 or by using the following contact form:
contact form.

How can I obtain GESIPA® products?

GESIPA® distributes its products through a network of distributors throughout Germany. Please contact us to find the nearest dealer for your postcode area.
You can also order numerous products online from the online shops of selected specialist retail partners via our website. You can select the trade partner yourself on the product detail pages. If a product is not currently available online from one of our partners, you can request it directly from us - the corresponding request option can be found directly on the product detail pages.

Does GESIPA® have minimum order quantities or minimum quantity surcharges for products from the price list?

No, we do not require minimum order quantities for orders. Neither do we demand minimum quantity surcharges for products from the price list. You order exactly the quantity that you need from us.

How much postage and packaging are charged by GESIPA®?

5.85 € postage and 4.05 € for packaging will be charged per parcel.
(Status 01.05.2018, subject to change)

How long is the delivery time for products from the catalogue?

As a rule, all products from the catalogue are available from stock. All orders that reach us by 2 p.m. (Fridays by 11 a.m.) can be shipped on the same day. However, this service only applies to orders within Germany, regarding deliveries abroad please contact our export department via the following contact form:

contact form.

How do I find the right nose piece for the blind rivet to be processed?

The GESIPA® nose piece designations consist of the combination of two numbers. The front number determines the device type, the rear number the maximum mandrel diameter. The mandrel diameter of the blind rivets can be found in our price list under technical information. You will find a nose piece allocation for the devices in the spare parts section of our catalogue (from p. 255 for blind rivet setting devices).

To find the right nosepiece, you have several options:
1. Online nosepiece finder on the website: Under the item ''Service > Nosepiece finder'' you can enter the corresponding processing device and the technical data of your rivet. The matching nosepiece with article number will be displayed.
To the online nosepiece finder
2. Nosepiece finder card: Order our nosepiece finder card now (p. 135 in the catalogue, item number: 1689502) and you will always and everywhere be able to find the right nosepiece for your device.

Can I send equipment to GESIPA® for repair?

If your setting tool is defective and you would like to send it in for repair, then use our repair service on the GESIPA® website.
There you can create your own customer account and register your tool for repair. We will send you a document, which you fill out, attach to your shipment and then please send to our repair department.
Please note that we can currently only offer this service to our commercial customers (entrepreneurs according to BGB § 14). If you are a private individual, please contact your local dealer.
Go directly to the repair registration on the website:
Repair registration
Read all important information again on our website:
Repair service

Which batteries are used at GESIPA®?

GESIPA® uses rechargeable batteries with Li-Ion technology.  In spring 2021, GESIPA® has converted the BirdPro series to the new 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah CAS batteries. The CAS battery packs are particularly durable and powerful. Depending on the version, they are based on Li-Ion
or LiHD technology. At GESIPA®, the blind rivet and blind rivet nut setting tools can be supplied as standard with a
with 2.0 Ah battery packs as standard - the compact 4.0 Ah battery is available as an accessory. Of course, all other available CAS battery packs can also be used with our Bird Pro tools.
For more information on CAS battery technology, click here:

Cordless Alliance System (CAS)

Our Bird units use 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah Li-Ion plug-in batteries.

What should be done if the red signal lamp lights up on battery-powered devices?

All battery-powered tools have a red signal lamp in the area of the handle, which signals a malfunction for various reasons that often cannot be determined by the user. The fault must then be professionally rectified by one of our employees.
Alternatively, take a look at our video section, where we have provided some tutorials for you on how you can act yourself in the event of error messages.

Go to the videos

How long is the warranty period for GESIPA® devices and their batteries?

We provide a guarantee for GESIPA® hand, battery and pneumatic tools. The warranty period is 24 months for equipment, 6 months for batteries and 36 months for CAS platform batteries. The warranty period begins with the purchase by the
first end user. The date on the original purchase receipt is decisive. For further information, please refer to our manufacturer's warranty:

Manufacturer's warranty