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Business Unit


Manufacturers and suppliers within the automotive industry, with their diverse applications, are looked after by our Automotive Riveting Business Unit. Since the individual demands give rise to very specific requirements, this business division is further subdivided into the specialist areas of Seating, Exterior and Safety.

Owing to our high standards and innovations, we have come to be seen as a reliable development partner within the automotive sector over the years and we always meet the quality requirements of our customers.

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Customised development

Dedicated key account management – consisting of technical advice, project management and aftersales management – is essential when it comes to meeting the high demands of the automotive sector as far as quality, availability and innovation are concerned. We don't simply offer our customers a fastener that has just gone into series production. Instead, we work on the development in partnership with you from the moment the concept is born. Blind rivets or blind rivet nuts are always developed in line with the specific application in question and we can always confidently promise our customers that they get the optimum joining solution for them. Our extensive product portfolio allows us to create the perfect solution within the framework of a wide range of application parameters.

From a single source

The requirements for riveting technology are as diverse as our customers. This is why we offer perfectly coordinated solutions – it is the only way to meet individual requirements. With the innovative complete system, consisting of the fastener, setting tool and assembly method, GESIPA® offers comprehensive solution expertise from a single source. We promise you perfection in the functionality of our fasteners and a smooth assembly process.

Added value for customers

The Automotive Riveting Business Unit builds on long-term, sustainable partnerships, which provide our customers with the following major benefits:

  • Availability: We are on hand and ready to help when our customers need us
  • Focus and commitment: We take our customers' problems very seriously and are happy to help
  • Speed: We offer our partners support with speed and are available to take care of your urgent requests
  • Reliability and trust: We stick to our promises<b/>
  • High product quality: Our solutions offer customers outstanding value, with long-term functionality guaranteed
  • Full package: If you want us to, we can create comprehensive solutions consisting of fastener riveting technology and workstation optimisation