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iBird® Pro

Innovative - Intelligent - Connected

The iBird® Pro ist the latest tool in the GESIPA® Pro series and can be networked with a smartphone or tablet via an app. The tool is extremely simple to connect and you have all the

information you need at a glance. The iBird® Pro incorporates a signal ring for visualizing riveting processes. The colours can be set individually via the app.


The iBird®Pro is extremely simple to connect thanks to the QR code located on the tool. Simply scan the QR code with the GESIPA® app which is included in scope of delivery and the iBird® Pro will automatically connect to your device. The app is available for smartphones and tablets both Android and iOs devices. The iBird® Pro can be connected to three devices at the same time.

Setting process assistant

The setting process assistant premium software is optional. The software helps operators to adjust the setting process and evaluate riveting processes. If a fault detected, a message is issued in the app and the Andon ring lights up in colour. The teaching mode is a simple learning of rivet configurations and setting of the tolerance window by means of the virtual control dial.

Tool control

Now you have all the information you need at a glance! The GESIPA® iBird® Pro app displays the process status, counter reading and special events, e.g. how much longer the battery will last or when do I need to empty the spent mandrel container or how many rivets per day have been set. Tips and tricks for handling the iBird® Pro or quick access to the operating instructions are available directly, with ease and at any location with the iBird® Pro app. You have access to illustrated maintenance instructions at any time, and even messages are displayed to you in the app.

Industry 4.0 with the iBird® Pro

Known as Industry 4.0, M2M or the Internet of Things,these concepts refer to intelligent and digitally networkedsystems in the production industry. The aim is to ensure that production is as self-organised as possible. GESIPA® has developed the iBird® Pro with this in mind.
The iBird® Pro is a networked battery-powered setting tool that can be connected to smartphones, tablets or a customer‘s IT infrastructure using WiFi or Bluetooth via a free GESIPA® app. This networking provides a number of additional benefits such as the monitoring of riveting processes, processing safety, status and service indicators, as well as quick and simple access to operating, maintenance and repair instructions – ultimately resulting in optimisation of the value chain.

What the iBird® Pro app offers

    • Various counters:Total, day, setting counter,countdown, OK, NOK (once paid premium software has been activated)
    • Fill level indicator, service indicator (spent mandrel container, cleaning or oiling jaws, full service)
    • Optional setting process assistant (once paid premium software has been activated)

    • Monitoring of battery charge level, battery temperature and temperature of the tool control
    • Maintenance instructions, maintenance history
    • Error message, error history, acknowledgement history
    • Tips and tricks
    • Operating instructions