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Repair service

fast – straightforward – fair

Your GESIPA setting tool is defective? With our fast and professional repair service, our qualified specialists will repair your setting tools. Simply register the tool for repair using the service form and then send it to the repair department at our headquarters in Mörfelden-Walldorf. As soon as we receive the device, we will take care of a professional repair and carry out

We also carry out cleaning, maintenance and functional testing as standard. The costs of each setting device to be repaired are based on fairly calculated cost limits and fixed prices for various device groups. Please note that we can currently only offer this service to our commercial customers (entrepreneurs according to BGB § 14). If you are a private individual, please contact your trusted specialist dealer.

How much will my repair cost?

You can find a defined cost limit or fixed cost on our website  for every tool, with immediate effect. This fee constitutes the maximum cost that you will have to pay for your repair. We will assume we have your consent to repair the tool up to these limits.
You can always rely on us to only charge the costs that are actually incurred.
Tool repairs that would be a total loss beyond economical repair and can no longer be fixed are excluded from the provision regarding cost limits. In this case, we will contact you to send you a quotation for a new tool.

Exception: Small manual tools for blind rivets and blind rivet nuts are excluded. The tools quoted in the separate list will not be repaired by us but rather exchanged at a fair price if the tool is outside the warranty period.

An example by way of illustration

You send us a defective AccuBird®, which is outside of the warranty period, for repair with a price limit, in this case, of EUR 303.00.
Case 1
The actual repair costs are EUR 25.00.
Your bill will be EUR 25.00 including post and packing.
Small repair - small bill.
Case 2
The actual repair costs are EUR 310.00.
Your bill will be EUR 303.00 including post and packing.
We will not charge you the extra.
Case 3
There is a total loss beyond economical repair.
We will contact you and send you a quotation for a new tool.  

Why isn't my tool in the cost limit overview?

Can't find your tool in the cost limit overview? Then you probably have a special tool. In this case, please just get in touch with your contact in the Business Unit Equipment Manufacturer. The contact person will then discuss the procedure with you, whether the tool should be sent in to us or whether we will visit you on site. For repairs of this kind, we will of course send you a cost estimate beforehand.

How do I send you my riveting tool?

Please fill in the registration form. Once you have sent the form you will receive an order confirmation email. Print the attached PDF document and place the shipping label on the parcel so that it is clearly visible. Please insert the remaining label together with your device in the parcel. The code shown on the shipping label enables you to send the parcel free of charge using GLS. Simply then hand in your package at any GLS shop.
Please ensure that the parcel does not exceed 60 cm in height, 80 cm in width, 200 cm in length and 40 kg in weight.

Use the following link to find your closest GLS shop:
GLS Shop finder

What is included in the repair service?

  • Repair by qualified technical personnel
  • Use of genuine spare parts
  • Function test after every repair
  • Warranty will be preserved

What happens to defective components?

We are happy to dispose of defective parts for you. We will not charge you extra for this!
If there is a total loss and the tool can no longer be repaired economically, we will also dispose of the tool without any extra charge unless you expressly request us to return the riveting tool.
Exception: This does not apply to special tools (tools that are not included in the list of cost limits) for which we will send you a cost estimate beforehand. We will return any defective components to you with the repaired tool.

Scope of Application

Please note that the cost limit provision for repairs currently only applies within Germany. Please get in touch with your local contact for repairs from other countries. You can find them here:

International contacts