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GESIPA relies on CAS

The manufacturer-independent battery system

200 electrical devices - but just one battery! With the Cordless Alliance System (abbreviated: CAS) tools from all participating manufacturers for a wide range of applications are combined easily thanks to uniform batteries and charging devices.

GESIPA® is now one of the participating manufacturers and the CAS system is being extended to include battery-powered riveting tools.

Riveting with the CAS system

The first setting tools which can rivet with the CAS battery technology will be available from March 2021. Following this, the complete Bird Pro series will be converted step by step, up to summer 2021.

The benefits are close at hand

By converting the Bird Pro riveting tools to the CAS battery system, from now on the premium manufacturer of riveting technology and the leading provider of battery technology will be working together. Thanks to the large number of strong CAS partners - including special applications, there will be an important convergence of power and innovation. By using the CAS batteries in multiple different tools, the user gains flexibility and cost advantages. The system also offers the reliability of a future-proof battery technology.
Additional CAS partners

Maximum power - for every application

The CAS battery packs are particularly long-lasting and powerful. Depending on the design, they are based on Li-Ion or LiHD technology. At GESIPA® the blind riveting and blind rivet nut setting tools can be purchased as standard with 2.0 Ah battery packs - the compact 4.0 Ah battery is also available as an accessory. But of course all other available CAS battery packs can also be used with our Bird Pro devices.


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