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Standard blind rivet studs

GESIPA® blind rivet studs are fasteners that combine blind rivet nuts and screws, providing an alternative to welding studs and press-in studs from a technological and financial point of view.
Blind rivet studs have two functions. On the one hand, they join thin materials even if they are different (e.g. sheet metal and plastic). On the other hand, with the reliably and permanently fixed screw, they provide an additional fastening point or a positioning aid. Different dimensions, materials and head shapes cover a wide range of applications. In addition to the standard range, application-specific applications are possible.

Advantages at a glance

  • Dual function: Joining materials and providing additional fastening point (threaded stud)
  • Access only required from one side
  • High load bearing capacity of thread
  • Simple, neat and fast processing
  • Space-saving
  • No damage to painted surfaces
  • No heat transfer, i.e. no change in material structure
  • Suitable for repairing welding studs
  • Production of electrically conductive connections

GESIPA® blind rivet studs can be set with ease using the GESIPA® FireBird®, GBM 95 and FireFox® blind rivet nut setting tools in combination with the corresponding adapters for blind rivet studs.

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