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Blind rivet technology

Blind rivets – Processing tools – DIY supplies

Blind rivet SolarGrip®

The SolarGrip® is one of the GESIPA® special rivets which is particularly suitable for use in the solar sector. The special rivet is also ideal for use on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and can be used to rivet sponge rubber seals. Fast and precise working as well as the splash water tightness of the rivet points result in a long-lasting and secure connection. 

Blind rivet SolarGrip®

SolarGrip® is our special rivet for flexible use in solar panel installation. The special rivet is ideal for working on trapezoid panel roofs, riveting of sponge rubber or EPDM washers is possible. A quick and precise working procedure and splash waterproof riveting points are key to guaranteeing durable and reliable connections.