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Spent-mandrel container

The classic spent-mandrel container on your pneumatic/hydraulic or battery-operated riveting tool collects the superfluous blind rivet mandrels after the setting process. The spent mandrels can then be disposed of collectively when the container is full. This means that no spent mandrels fall on the floor or get in the way of further setting processes.

In addition to the classic spent-mandrel container, which is included in the scope of delivery of every battery-operated or pneumatic/hydraulic riveting tool, our range of accessories includes extensions or conversion sets for your spent-mandrel containers.
These are perfect for our battery-operated blind riveting tools in the Bird Pro series and for our TAURUS® riveting tools.

Transparent spent-mandrel container

The classic spent-mandrel container is now also available in a transparent version.
Benefits: the easy visibility makes it possible to have a constant overview of the spent-mandrel fill quantity and avoid spent mandrels becoming wedged in the container because of overfilling.

Bird Pro-Serie:             No. 145 0837
TAURUS® 1-2:              No. 145 7744
TAURUS® 3-4.              No. 145 7951


If the size of the classic container is no longer sufficient, extensions and larger containers are also available for our riveting tools.

Bird Pro series:

Extension for spent-mandrel container*    No. 1435034 (*suitable for AccuBird®, PowerBird® and SolarBird®)
Extended by 30 mm                            No. 145 0838
Extended by 60 mm                            No. 145 0839

TAURUS® blind riveting tools with PH2000 spent-mandrel container

The large, fixed container on the PH 2000 can be swivelled, is very robust and is ideal for long mandrels measuring 50 to 70 mm. The container is suitable for all TAURUS® versions 1–4.

Taurus® conversion set: for conversion to the PH 2000 spent-mandrel container

TAURUS® 1:              No. 145 7700
TAURUS® 2-4:           No. 145 7703

Complete offer: TAURUS® with PH2000 spent-mandrel container:

TAURUS® 1 with PH2000 spent-mandrel containerTAURUS® 2 with PH2000 spent-mandrel containerTAURUS® 3 with PH2000 spent-mandrel containerTAURUS® 4 with PH2000 spent-mandrel container