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Repair service

Cost limits

Cost limits

The following overview shows the tool types and the respective cost limits which may be incurred as a maximum with effect from 15 January 2020. You will no longer have to pay any more than the amount shown for any tool repair, with immediate effect. Tool repairs that would be a total loss beyond economical repair and can no longer be fixed are excluded from the provision regarding cost limits. In this case, we will contact you to send you a quotation for a new tool.

You can also download an overview of the repair cost limits for your records here:

New tools for a fixed price

Below is a list of fixed prices for small riveting tools for our end customers. Tools on this list will not be repaired by us but rather exchanged for a new tool at the fixed price shown.

If you are already a contractual partner of GESIPA®, the terms and conditions agreed with you will of course apply.


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