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Blind rivet nut
Torque Resistant

The locked GESIPA® thread

The new GESIPA torque-resistant blind rivet nut is the ideal solution for inserting high-quality threads into extruded aluminium profiles when focusing on efficiency and process reliability. It allows to achieve the same mechanical properties as, according to the current state of the art, are only possible when using hexagon blind rivet nuts in hexagonal holes. These have the disadvantage that they have to be laser-machined

or milled into the workpiece at very high cost. With the torque-resistant blind rivet nut it is now possible to insert a torque-resistant high-quality thread into a low-cost round borehole. The optimized tight locking between the new blind rivet nut and the extruded profile also improves process reliability during setting. Torque-resistant blind rivet nuts can be used to insert load-bearing threads into closed extruded profiles in an efficient manufacturing process - additional costs because of necessary expensive pre-drilling of holes are avoided.


Aluminium extruded profiles with one-side access to the riveting position:

  • Girder/side rail
  • Safety systems
  • Profile structures

Product portfolio:

  • Blind rivet nut steel M6 with wedges under the head
  • Blind rivet nut steel M8 with wedges under the head
  • Blind rivet nut steel M10 with wedges under the head

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