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SkyBird Pro

The latest type of riveting: Riveting drone from GESIPA®

The novelty from GESIPA®: The SkyBird Pro for a completely new and unprecedented riveting experience. The SkyBird Pro is a SkyRiveter and is particularly suitable for riveting work in the facade area.

The rivet drone is based on the technology of our proven PowerBird® Pro and has a setting force of 15,000 N. With the brushless motor, the SkyBird Pro is both strong and fast and sets blind rivets up to 6.4 mm of all materials.

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We are now accepting pre-orders by email. The SkyBird Pro will be available from 30/02/2021.


The SkyBird Pro is extremely easy for the user to fly because the drone is equipped with special collision sensors. The rivet drone is controlled using the GESIPA® SkyBird Pro app, which also has many other extras. Thanks to the display attached to the controller and the camera installed on the drone, each riveting process can be checked precisely. Even in difficult surroundings, the SkyBird Pro can still fly at a speed of up to 50 km/h and avoid obstacles without any problems. The modular battery can be charged and replaced very easily and offers a flight time of up to 30 minutes when charged. Like all setting tools from GESIPA®, the SkyBird Pro is equipped with a brushless motor, which is characterized by a long service life. Due to the weight and possible flight altitudes of over 100 meters, a drone driving license is necessary to use the SkyBird Pro. At GESIPA® this can be done on site with our trained staff.

The riveting process

Riveting with the SkyBird Pro rivet drone is based on the speed rivet technology, in which the next blind rivet is automatically available after a setting process. We have developed rivet magazines especially for the SkyBird Pro, which can be inserted into the setting tool before the flight starts. Arrived at the target object, the rivet magazine can be used immediately and quick loading is guaranteed. This ensures that the fastener does not fall off during the setting process. The SkyBird Pro is also equipped with automatic drill hole detection, which makes riveting simple and convenient.

Technical details


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