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Precision monitoring of processes with GESIPA® and Sarissa

Combining the Sarissa assistance system with GESIPA® blind rivet or blind rivet nut setting tools is the way to guarantee maximum quality across a wide range of applications. 

This is your chance to perform quality assurance in line with the production process and thereby avoid costly errors being introduced at that stage.


Sarissa assistance systems fit perfectly into modern interlinked production environments. As defined by Industry 4.0, PositionBox and QualityAssist provide exact, quality-related location information. The LPS (Local Positioning System) communicates with higher level controllers, PC and PLC alike, via a TCP/IP link and a real-time data protocol and Profinet or EtherCAT. The LPS can be controlled remotely with powerful commands. In this way, the user's production controller is able to compile work instructions from basic information in real time. The result is the highly flexible control of product manufacturing processes according to customer requirements. We are talking about true "Batch Size One" production. Human errors caused by things being forgotten or confused are no longer an issue. In order to connect tools, the LPS has four open-protocol interfaces. Modbus TCP to digital inputs and outputs completes the communication options available. For remote assistance or maintenance, the second network interface can be used with TeamViewer®.

LPS – local positioning system

The Sarissa local positioning system (LPS) combines sophisticated ultrasound technology, user-friendly application software and a high-performance, open interface architecture.


  • Reduction in assembly costs
  • No final inspection
  • Reduction of complaints
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Zero error rate through "Zero Default System"

Further information

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