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High Strength blind rivet nut

The particulary strong one


As the name suggests, our High Strength blind rivet nut is characterised by a particularly strong thread. The thread breaking force is many times greater than that of a standard blind rivet nut, making it

particularly suited to our customers' demanding applications. The half hexagonal shank ensures the appropriate anti-twist protection and provides the necessary safety in the setting process.

Areas of application:

Perfectly suited for high-load applications in shell construction or in structural components (e.g. safety components, etc.)

Examples of applications from the automotive industry:

  • Seat belts
  • Door hinges
  • Airbag-mountings
  • Crash-elements
  • Solution for high-load applications
  • Particulary suitable for safety-relevant parts
  • Process monitoring possible
  • The mechanical properties are significantly higher than those of standard steel blind rivet nuts
  • Optimises the connections for different applications (e.g. weight reduction)
  • Can be combined with customer-specific requirements and other GESIPA® innovations

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