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G-Sealed Blind rivet nut

The new pre-coated blind rivet nut

Blind rivet nuts are perfectly suited for placing a thread within thin or thick materials. Two or more materials can be fixed firmly together, and an additional material fixed with a screw, so that this connection can be undone as required. The simplest and quickest way to connect components! As an expert for blind rivet nuts, naturally we not only offer standard versions, but cater for all requirements

The right connection solution! Our G-Sealed blind rivet nut is equipped with a non-reactive pre-coating, to create a seal under the head of this blind rivet nut. Sealing is possible directly after installation. It also provides excellent thermal and chemical resistance, but is not subject to labelling requirements, therefore is not hazardous or environmentally harmful.

Areas of application

The range of applications is huge, it can be used almost everywhere where a seal under the head is advantageous. Due to its thermal and chemical resistance it is also particularly well suited to the automotive industry.




  • Non-reactive and non-hardening coating
  • Instant sealing as soon as the fastener is installed
  • A dry, elastic, and non-slip coating
  • Good thermal and chemical resistance
  • Can be used for metallic and non-metallic materials
  • No labelling requirement and therefore not dangerous or harmful to the environment




With G-Sealed® as standard

Dome head

Other sizes on request

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