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The new GESIPA® rivet inspired by nature

The latest innovation from GESIPA®: The new CornBulb - a rivet from the environment for the environment. The latest innovative GESIPA® rivet was developed and inspired by nature

and can be easily set with the help of heat. Due to different maturation times, different clamping ranges are possible with our CornBulb rivets.

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Inspired by nature

The principle of popcorn serves as inspiration for the GESIPA® CornBulb rivet. Using this technique innovatively for our rivets is a huge step forward in the development of blind rivet technology.
The CornBulb is produced on our own plantations and harvested by our employees.

The properties

Due to the different maturation times of our CornBulb rivets, it is possible to cover different clamping ranges.
In the picture on the right, you can see three CornBulb blind rivets which all have a different clamping range.
This makes it possible to rivet materials of different thicknesses with the new riveting technology.

CornBulb explained in a video

The video shows the production and the setting process in more detail.