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The setting tool specifically for solid & semi-tubular rivets

For processing solid rivets or semi-tubular rivets the TAURUS® 4 CF is the suitable choice. The hydropneumatic setting tool can be equipped with an 'RT 100' C-frame tool for processing semi-tubular

and solid rivets. The setting tool can be used flexible and is equipped with a simple and safe pneumatic force control. The TAURUS® 4 CF enables an easy tool change.

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The setting process

To join two components, the rivets are inserted with the head on one side and a cylindrical shaft on the other. Once set, the end of the rivet is deformed and a forcefitted connection is established. Maximum holding forces are established without cutting the material. In practice, the flexible TAURUS® 4 CF can be used stationary or portably - for example, in conjunction with a balancer. Its mobile capabilities are ideall in case repairs are required. What's more, it can also be used to press out lockbolts. With the TAURUS® 4 CF solid and semi-tubular rivets can be riveted. The C-frame tools are characterized by a swivel range of 360°, efficient operating sequence and a precisely adjustable setting stroke.



The pneumatic riveting tool specifically for solid and semi-tubular rivets


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