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Blind riveting tools with integrated setting process monitoring

There is a practical modular principle at the heart of the full TAURUS® series, which allows you to adapt these tools to suit your own specific working requirements. We also have a wide range of accessory parts for you to choose from that are compatible across the different tools.

This means that you don't need to worry about having huge stocks of spare parts and maintenance is kept to a minimum. The TAURUS® C series is a variant of the pneumatic blind rivet processing tools with the addition of integrated setting process monitoring.

Setting process monitoring

Setting process monitoring involves an online evaluation of the tensile strength and traction course during the blind rivet setting process. The evaluation window can be configured with special set-up software. All of the components required for setting process monitoring to run are integrated into the tools. It takes less than 1 µs for a setting process to be evaluated and the result is displayed directly on the tool in the form of a red or green LED. In addition to this individual evaluation, the system also has a group evaluation for the component as a whole. The tool can store up to 260,000 pieces of setting process data, which can be accessed at any point. The system also detects error types and saves them ready for subsequent error analysis and rectification. The tools can be operated independently or integrated into a customer's own systems using the GESIPA®-Interface.


The GESIPA®-Interface has been developed in-house at GESIPA® on the basis of an embedded PC system. It features 24 digital inputs and outputs for communication with a PLC. Also amongst the features offered by the GESIPA®-Interface are options to connect a protocol converter for all current bus systems (via an RJ45 socket) and external storage devices as well as a USB port to enable data to be transferred speedily. An additional charge applies for this optional extra. The GESIPA®-Interface also has an SQLite process database, where the last 250,000 pieces of process data can be stored (e.g. with date, time, riveting point, process curve and evaluation). It is naturally backwards compatible, meaning it can be used with older models.

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