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GESIPA® blind riveting machines

The GAV HF is a fully automatic blind riveting system for high-strength blind rivets. This machine is the natural next step towards automated processing of blind rivets with increased setting forces and larger setting head diameters.

Along with the smaller GAV 8000 option, the GAV HF blind riveting machine completes our offering of full automation solutions suitable for GESIPA® blind rivets of all sizes.


Thanks to the extensive range of equipment options available, the GAV HF boasts many advantageous features, such as a feed container fill level indicator, pressure booster suspension system with vibration cushioning and blind riveting gun monitoring via sensors. The system is easy to operate using the navigation and function buttons on the industrial controller, which features an 8" colour display and intuitive menu interface. What's more, all of the functions are clear to see on the display. When used as part of fully automatic manufacturing systems, feed distances can extend up to 25 metres. Maintenance is also displayed for you and troubleshooting is no problem at all. The GAV HF is also perfect for any applications that don't require process monitoring. Mandrel bodies can be disposed of using a vacuum system installed specifically for this purpose and contact pressure monitoring is available as an added extra. Alongside independent operation and integration into a system, an interface for external programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can be set up via the GESIPA-Interface too.

Working capacity

  • Blind rivet size range from 4.8 mm to Ø 8.0 mm for all materials
  • Rivet body lengths up to 35 mm
  • Setting head diameter up to 19 mm
  • Mandrel body up to Ø 5.5 mm
  • Setting force up to 25,000 N with air pressure 6 bar