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Blind rivet technology

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G-Bulb blind rivet

The G-Bulb blind rivet is one of our high-strength fasteners that feature excellent stress bearing properties and an exceptionally high clamping force.
GESIPA® has developed a new range of high strength structural blind rivets called G-Bulb with diameters of 4.8 and 6.4 mm in steel and A2 stainless steel, to fit grip ranges from 1.5 up to 15.5 mm. The G-Bulb rivet features a wide grip range, together with high shear and tensile strengths generated by the rivet function, the formation of a large closing head and the mechanical lock of the rest mandrel in the rivet body. In combination with the patented function crimping on the rivet body, the G-Bulb provides tight and sealed joints in a large variation of hole sizes. The G-Bulb rivet generates a large closing head which transfers high strain and clamping load to the application. With a mandrel breakload of max.16 kN, the G-Bulb rivets can be installed with standard tooling.

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