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Retaining nosepieces

GESIPA® accessories for each application

Do you find the rivet falls out when the tool is tilted? That can no longer happen with our retaining nosepiece! Set rivets with only one hand, and the inserted rivet stays in place in any position.
For safer working!

All the benefits at a glance:

• Inserted rivet stays in place in any position
• Set rivets with only one hand
• Safer working

Retaining nosepieces

The retaining nosepieces can be used with the following tools: SN 2, AccuBird®, AccuBird® Pro, PowerBird®, PowerBird® Pro, PowerBird® Pro Gold Edition. Please refer to the table below for exact dimensions.

17/18R   No. 165 5422
17/20R   No. 165 5424
17/22R   No. 165 5426
17/24R   No. 165 5427
17/27R   No. 165 5428
17/29R   No. 165 5429
17/32R   No. 165 5430
17/36R   No. 165 5431
17/40R* No. 165 5433
17/45R* No. 165 5434

(*except AccuBird® Pro and AccuBird®)

Where can I get the accessories?

If you are interested in the products, please contact your local dealer or our Customer Service.