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Niklas Bank

Trainee to Kaufmann für Marketingkommunikation

"I had the feeling to be taken seriously right from the beginning."


How did you come to know GESIPA® and why have you decided to apply with the company?

After I had decided not to continue my studies I started to look for a professional training. It did not take long to find the GESIPA® advertisement on a training portal and I applied immediately. I considered it a very attractive combination to undergo a professional training in Marketing and at the same time work for an industrial company instead of an agency.

What did your first days with GESIPA® look like?

The first days were filled with introductory and team-building events, however, the transition to daily work was pretty smooth. Especially in the beginning we had a lot of informative appointments to get to know the company, the colleagues and operational procedures.

Why would you recommend to undergo a professional training with GESIPA®?

Right from the beginning I had the feeling to be taken seriously as a trainee and to be treated fairly. In general, the work climate in the company can be described as very good and cooperative.


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